NDA Homes was created by experienced builder and entrepreneur Craig Smith. 

Founded in order to offer clients quality and reliability, the company works on high-end projects in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Stoke and surrounding areas. 
Craig spent 20 years in the Armed Forces, and so knows a thing or two about leadership, planning and running an efficient and productive team. He brings this invaluable experience to NDA, managing all builds carefully to ensure they’re brought in on time, on budget and to an exceptionally high standard. 
Craig has recently been awarded an MBA. During his time studying for the qualification, he worked on a project titled ‘An exploration of the quality culture within the UK construction industry’. Craig decided to take an in-depth look at this subject after seeing a large number of reworks and quality issues while working in the industry. 
Craig saw that this poor quality work was costing time and money. He also noticed that it led to companies earning bad reputations, and even closing down. 
While working on his MBA, Craig began planning the launch of his very own construction company. This company would be instilled with a high quality culture from the outset and would strive to achieve the highest standards on every build. 

NDA Homes was born out of this vision. 

The company offers a new approach to construction and teamwork, with an egalitarian-style hierarchy and a quality-centred approach. NDA Homes aims to provide customers with a seamless experience from start to finish, working with architects and liaising with planning authorities to ensure everything goes without a hitch. 
If you’re planning to build your dream property and are looking for a high quality house builder in Stoke, Cheshire or Staffordshire, we’re the perfect team for the job. Contact us today to find out more. 
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